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Receipt Paper Printed Preprinted Rolls - Custom

We offer custom printed paper rolls with your preprinting text and/or logos for all types of receipts include custom printed thermal and other types of paper rolls. From a standard return policy to a full color ad, every printing job is made specifically to your specifications. Custom text and your logo are just some of the preprinting on paper rolls that we offer to produce a custom looking receipt. You can choose to preprint a return policy, a watermark to prevent copying of your receipts, or even more advanced anti-copy ink features. Each preprinted paper roll can have the preprinting done in more than one color as you get to give your customers the custom receipt preprinted with your information that helps them remember your business as well as be aware of your policies. All examples shown here are actual scans of the actual printing done on the paper. Due to scanning and screen resolution, the actual paper looks even better than what is shown on the screen and these samples are to show example of what can be done and not necessarily the quality thereof.

The most basic preprinting we do is a return policy or other information printed on the back of the receipt given to your customers. This can be just text or include a logo and be a single color or multiple colors. The printing of your logo and text can be done in many colors including black, blue, red, or any Pantone Matching System® (PMS) color available. Examples of some of this type of printing are:

Printing can be done on one or both sides. A watermark is often done on the front with light ink to minimize interference with the printed receipt and then anything can be done on the reverse.

On the other end of the printing spectrum, we can do full color printing that looks just like it came from an ink jet printer. This is great for ads and other promotions where you want to grab the customer's eye with great colors or have an actual image from a photograph to be printed on the paper:

The other type of printing that we do is security ink to prevent the copying of the receipt. A basic thing to do is to "flood" one side with a solid color and since paper that is white on one side and colored on the other likely cannot be found, copying the receipt is difficult but a good color copier may be able to defeat this. Many businesses such as casinos will do this flood coating on the back and a VOID pantograph on the front. This pantograph looks like faint green symbols however when copied on a copy machine the word VOID becomes very pronouced on the copied receipt.

There are two additional security inks for custom preprinting to ensure that receipt cannot be copied. The first is a Thermochromic Heat Ink which disappears when a slight amount of heat is applied such as just rubbing with a finger. One downside to this is it is available in limited colors. The second is a special UV ink that can only be seen with a black light so a black light would be required by any employee needing to verify that it is a valid and not a copied receipt. The videos below show both of these inks and how they work. It is hard to video the UV ink example but if you look closely you will see the image appear as the UV light is shown on the paper.

How much can you preprint? This depends on the width of the paper, the size font you would like, size of a logo if any, and the length of your shortest receipt. To have a uncut preprint on every receipt, what is preprinted (called the repeat) should not exceed 1/2 the length of your shortest receipt. If you are OK with have a complete preprint but with the last half printed first and the first have printed last, then you can do a repeat up to the length of your shortest receipt. Repeats must divide evenly into our printing drum circumference so it may or may not be possible to have an exact repeat you desire but we can often get very close.

Sounds good but how much does this cost? Costs vary depending on the quantity of paper rolls ordered as well as the number of colors you wish to be printed and whether any security features are required. The larger the order size, the lower the per roll cost is so it is always best to order as much as you can store for usage over a reasonable period of time.

Thermal 3 1/8 x 230' Small Jobs

Our most popular preprinting is done for those customers who want a small number of cases of most commonly receipt paper which is 3 1/8 inch (80mm) thermal rolls. Most other companies have a minimum of 25 or more which is way more than many customers will use or need. So we have created a special program with a small printing press to allow you to purchase as few as 5 cases (250 rolls of 230 feet on each roll) and only a $65 plate fee using an offset printer which produces top quality printing. There are 10 standard colors from which you can select one or two colors for the printing. The price for one color preprinted thermal paper rolls is $95/case for a 5 case order plus shipping. The price for a 10 case order of custom printed thermal paper is $85.00/case plus shipping. A 25 case order would be $79/case plus shipping. A second color ads about $10/case to the above prices.

Other Sizes & Larger Jobs

We can do printing on any size paper in larger quantities which allows for better per case pricing. Of course, you may also need special security features or full color printing similar to some of the samples we have listed above.

The time it takes to create and ship your custom receipt paper varies but is usually 3 weeks from the time you approve the proof for your first order due to plate creation time and about 2-3 weeks for future orders if there are no changes to what is being printed.

Ready to move forward with your own custom preprinted paper rolls for your business? Call or send us an email and we will do our best to explain the process and answer your questions. When you are ready to have your own professional quality custom preprinted receipts to give to your customer, contact us and we'll ask you the questions to provide you with a detailed quote with no obligation. If you decide to proceed, we take your artwork and/or text of what you want printed and produce a proof for you to OK or make changes to before the printing begins. Once you OK the proof, we will begin moving forward with the production of your paper and have it to you to begin using as soon as possible.

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