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2-Ply 2 1/4 inch x 95' Paper 50 Rolls

2-Ply 2 1/4 inch x  95' Paper 50 Rolls
2-Ply 2 1/4 inch x 95' Paper 50 Rolls
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P/N: 845702
2 or more$38.95
Each case contains 50 rolls of 2 1/4 inch x 95 foot of two-ply self-duplicating, carbonless receipt printer paper. The first sheet (original) is white in color and the second sheet (copy) is canary yellow.
HYPERCOM-T7P (with ribbon) NCR MA-186, NCR MA-85 Casio 10 ER, 103ER, 104ER, 105ER, 11ER, 114, 114ER, 115ER, 116ER, 117ER, 120ER, 180ER, 800ER, FR1211, FR1211 S, PCR 202, PCR 204, PCR 208, PCR 210, PCR 308M PCR 330, PCR 408, SA 2100, TK 500 Citizen CBM-510, CBM-520, CBM-530, CBM-910, CBM-911, CBM-920, IDP-3110, IDP-3111, IDP-560 Data Terminal Systems 100, 500 Norand 4805 Omron RS 1110, RS 7 Royal ER-1165, ER-125, ER-135, ER-140, ER-145 Sanyo 1 LB, 100-2, 105, 110-2, 150, 160, 165, 165N, 170, 175, 175N, 290, CHECK-A-TRON 1 LB, Sharp EL1192C, EL2197S, ER-02RP, ER-1500, ER-1550, ER-1560, ER-1563, ER-1564, ER-1565 S, ER-A170, QS-1602, QS-2184, XE-1050, XE-1050L, XE-1051, XE-1055, XE-1200 Star Micronics SP312, SP317, SP342, SP347, SP349 TEC FT-40, MA59, MA70, MA71, MA78, MA79, MA85 Verifone Print Pak 310 TRANZ 420, TRANZ 460

All Items are Brand New in Factory Box with Manufacturer USA Warranty unless otherwise specified.
Contents: 50 Rolls

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